To what extent does the ever spreading usage of internet slang have on the degradation of the English Language and the human mind?

Yörük, Onuralp (2012) To what extent does the ever spreading usage of internet slang have on the degradation of the English Language and the human mind? Other thesis, TED Ankara College Foundation High School.

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The goal I had in my mind throughout the creation of this writing was to rationalise and demostrate my argument that the ever increasing practice of integrating slang words into the English language would cause significant corruption in the language and lead to the irreversible degradation of it and make others care about this transmutation of their man tool of communication. To accomplish this monumentous task, I first identified the most important aspect of English that was degrading in quality due to this new, unexpected change in the language, namely grammar, and then explained, in stark detail, how important a role said aspect plays as the very structure of the English language, backing up my reasoning with specific examples. Secondly, I showed the impact of the oversimplified language that came to be through the unrelenting use of slang words on the human mind and its way of thinking. And thirdly, I showed the future conseqquences of the integration of slang words into the language as something to watch out for. There was understandably a very small amount of written sources to that discuss this subject which simply goes on to show that the amount of people who aware of how their language is irrversibly changing is far smaller that it should be. In fact, I could not find a hand written source to back up my arguments. As such, all of my sources come from various corners of the internet where this subject is discussed at great lenght. My sources inclued both real life examples and rationalised arguments showing the degradation of the language and impact of this degradation on communication in English speaking countries. Now, that I am finished with my extended essay I am satisfied by the results and believe that I have managed to illustrate my argument to its fullest extent, sufficient to make others care about its significance.

Item Type: Thesis (Other)
Additional Information: Name Of Instructor : Courtney S. Shropshire, IB Notu: C
Uncontrolled Keywords: slang words, English language, communication
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Date Deposited: 10 Jul 2012 10:13
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