A research about the effect of sound waves on standing waves by using Ruben’s Tube.

Budak, Selena (2009) A research about the effect of sound waves on standing waves by using Ruben’s Tube. Other thesis, TED ANKARA COLLEGE FOUNDATION HIGH SCHOOL.

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Sound waves are longitudinal waves. In a longitudinal wave, particles of medium vibrations are paralel to the direction of propagation of the wave. Using this nature of sound waves, Ruben’s tube has been created. In Ruben’s Tube, by the help of pressure, standing waves are created. In this extended essay, I investigated the effect of frequency change of a sound wave on standing waves. Also by doing such an experiment I have also proved that sound is a pressure wave too since vibrations are given into a tube while gas is given from the other side. To acquire accurate results, variables in the experiment have been made constant (controlled) such as the type of gas given which is natural gas into the tube and the same tube is used for all trials. Loudspeakers have not been changed or not moved in order not to differ the distance between the membrane and the speaker. The analyzed results after several data collection and calculations verify that the wavelength and the frequency generated are directly proportional. As the frequency given increased in hertz, the number of antinodes and nodes increased too. Therefore when the number of nodes and antinodes increases, wavelength decreases which shows the inverse relation between wavelength and frequency. Obtaining standing waves have also helped me to understand the nature of sound as a pressure wave. Using tables and graphs, I have succesfully proved my hypothesis. In my extended essay, details have been given on the conclusion and evaluation of the experiment. Possible error sources and solutions to overcome these problems have been mentioned too.

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